Beef Head Skin with Fur
Beef Head Skin with Fur
Beef Head Skin with Fur
Beef Head Skin with Fur

Beef Head Skin with Fur

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The FIDELIS Extra-Hard Beef Head Skin with Fur (Hair) is a natural, healthy alternative to conventional "chewing bones" made from tanned and chemically treated cattle skin, mostly produced in Asia. Made from 100% fresh, untreated natural cattle scalp, the FIDELIS option is slightly thicker and very hard on the outside, with a meaty core in the middle. This hard consistency helps strengthen your dog's teeth and chewing muscles. The scalp is left with its fur. The hair usually isn't fully digested but cleans the intestinal walls (intestinal villi) before being excreted.

The natural cow skin contains high-quality collagen. This structural protein provides tensile strength to connective tissue, found wherever elasticity and strength are important: skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones, skeletal muscles, blood vessels, and even teeth.

Our beef scalp is produced in our own factory without any additives, such as corn, wheat, soya, dyes, preservatives, meat meal, sugar, or other fillers. It's gently air-dried using our modern take on centuries-old meat preservation techniques.

The carefully selected cattle scalp is sourced locally and is fully traceable. Thanks to our gentle manufacturing process, the nutrients in the beef scalp are preserved, helping your dog stay healthy and vital for a longer time.

100% Beef Head Skin.
Single feed for dogs.

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein - 67%
Fat - 3.5%
Moisture - 6.4%
Ash - 6.3%
Fibre - 2.2%

Just store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight! It's that easy!

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
Please always supervise your dog while feeding, and make sure fresh, clean water is available.

Customer Reviews

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Ceri Rees-Powell
Pawsome !!

We love these pawsome treats . Our humum says anything furry we eat is so good as it’s a de-wormer so gets rid of any parasites that may be lurking in our gut, as well as being brilliant for our teeth !!

Lots of licks

Enzo & Gert