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The FIDELIS Puppy Supplement contains all the vitamins and minerals, including calcium, that a puppy fed with alternating FIDELIS dry menu menus and dry menu oil needs daily.

Puppies have high demands for daily nutrient supply, as their bones and muscles develop rapidly. Their coat changes from puppy fur to adult coat, and last but not least, young dogs learn quickly and intensively in the first months of their lives.

To support this development optimally, we have developed a product for puppies fed with FIDELIS menus, which provides the growing organism with all the vital nutrients for optimal development. The FIDELIS Puppy Supplement is easily digestible and supports the development of a healthy skeleton, strong muscles, and sturdy teeth. The entire connective tissue system, including tendons, ligaments, and joints, is strengthened in its natural function.

The FIDELIS Puppy Supplement deliberately does not contain synthetic vitamins or minerals; all vital nutrients, including the important Vitamin D3, come from natural sources, i.e., the original ingredients. By the way, only with the help of Vitamin D3 is calcium incorporated into bone structure.


51% calcium carbonate, 22% brewer's yeast, 12% kelp meal, 10% algae lime, 5% green-lipped mussel extract.
Supplementary feed for dogs.

Analytical Constituents

Calcium - 21.5%
Phosphorus - 2.58%
Sodium - 3.38%
Crude Ash - 70.5%
Protein - 9.7%
Fat Content - 1.0%
Crude Fiber - 0.3%.

Feeding Recommendation

The dosage depends on the body weight of the adult dog!

If the dog weighs between 5 – 20kg when fully grown:

Puppy's Age:
1-5 months: two teaspoons/day mixed with food
6 – 15 months: one teaspoon/day mixed with food

If the dog weighs over 20kg when fully grown:

Puppy's Age:
1-5 months: 3 teaspoons/day mixed with food
6 – 15 months: 2 teaspoons/day mixed with food (1 teaspoon approx. 6 g)

The recommended feeding amount must not be exceeded.

Storage Instructions

Store cool, protected from light, closed, and dry, always use a clean, dry spoon for taking out.

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