Lamb Tripe
Lamb Tripe

Lamb Tripe

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FIDELIS Lamb Tripe Sticks for Dogs
No More Foul Odours - Just Pure Delight!

Ever dreaded opening a bag of tripe treats, only to be met with a wave of unpleasant odours? Those days are over with FIDELIS Lamb Tripe Sticks! Using a special drying process, we eliminate that strong smell, leaving a natural, farmyard aroma that dogs love.

A Nutritional Powerhouse Disguised as a Treat

Lamb tripe, also known as the lamb's stomach, is more than just a tasty chew; it's a nutritional powerhouse. Unlike muscle meat, offal like tripe boasts a significantly higher concentration of valuable nutrients. Packed with vitamins and trace elements, FIDELIS Lamb Tripe Sticks rank among the healthiest natural chews available.

High-Quality Protein from European Lamb

We source only the freshest, natural tripe from European animals. This ensures exceptional quality and includes the pre-digested green plants from the lamb's diet. Bacteria in the lamb's rumen (first stomach) break down these plants, converting them into highly bioavailable protein for your dog. This pre-digestion can significantly aid your dog's digestive system.

Hypoallergenic and Perfect for Sensitive Dogs

Lamb is known as a hypoallergenic meat, making it ideal for dogs with allergies or food intolerances.

Made with Care and Integrity

Our FIDELIS Lamb Tripe Sticks are prepared in our own factory, adhering to the strictest quality standards. We use no artificial ingredients like sugar, corn, wheat, soy, colourings, preservatives, meat flour, or fillers.

A Modern Twist on a Traditional Technique

Our air-drying technology preserves the natural goodness of the tripe, using a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation methods. This gentle process ensures your dog receives a delicious and nutritious treat.

FIDELIS Lamb Tripe Sticks: Benefits at a Glance

100% Pure Lamb: Real, high-quality protein.
Hypoallergenic: Ideal for sensitive dogs.
Supports Healthy Digestion: Pre-digested for optimal absorption.
Raw Feeding Friendly: A great addition to a raw food diet.
Indulge Your Dog with the Power of Nature

FIDELIS Lamb Tripe Sticks offer a delicious and nutritious way to reward your dog. Packed with natural goodness and free from artificial ingredients, these treats are sure to become your dog's new favourite.

100% Lamb Tripe.
Single feed for dogs.

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein - 77%
Fat - 17.2%
Moisture - 5.2%
Ash - 2.8%
Fibre - 3.8%

Just store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight! It's that easy!

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
Please always supervise your dog while feeding, and make sure fresh, clean water is available.

Customer Reviews

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Jane Bell
My puppy loves this

Hopefully this will help keep her teeth nice and clean