Beef Gullet (flat)
Beef Gullet (flat)
Beef Gullet (flat)

Beef Gullet (flat)

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FIDELIS Beef Gullet, also known as the beef oesophagus, is pure muscle meat. The chewy muscle meat is the ideal chew snack. Your dog will have long chewing enjoyment and the meat is also healthy.

Beef muscle meat is rich in biotin, which has a positive effect on metabolism and is good for your dog's coat and skin. Beef also contains niacin, which plays a crucial role in energy supply, skin regeneration and nerve health. In addition, vitamin B12 and iron are found in the meat, which are essential for oxygen transport and blood formation.

Our beef gullet meat is produced in our own factory without any additives such as sugar, corn, wheat, soya, dyes, preservatives, meatmeals, sugar or other fillers. Our air drying technology is a modern take on centuries-old meat preservation techniques. Any thyroid gland residues are completely removed (your dog should not consume thyroid hormones).

The carefully selected beef gullet meat is sourced locally and is fully traceable. Thanks to our gentle manufacturing process, the nutrients richly contained in the beef gullet are preserved and help your dog stay healthy and vital for a longer time.

100% Beef Gullet.
Single feed for dogs.

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein - 73%
Fat - 10%
Moisture - 11%
Ash - 3%
Fibre - 2%

Just store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight! It's that easy!

Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks
Please always supervise your dog while feeding, and make sure fresh, clean water is available.

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Jane Bell
My dog loves this

My vizsla finds this delicious